Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A to Z: Z is for Zzzzzz....

Ahhhh, sleep. Something that I always have trouble with.

Fun fact, did you know the one-two punch of anxiety and depression can trigger insomnia in some folks? Guess who has two thumbs and is that unlucky soul!

So I have a looooot of tricks to get around the lack of sleep look. Perfected, of course, during college. Enjoy!

My personal favorite trick for waking up looking refreshed even after not getting enough sleep? Water!

Water is a miracle, let's be honest. Universal solvent. Polarity. Necessary. It's really cool, right? But did you know that one way to fight under eye circles in the morning is not to get dehydrated when you sleep? 

It's easy, actually. Just drink a really tall glass of water before you go to bed. Most nights, I try to down 12 oz of water. When I started this routine, it was because I would wake up with the absolute worst case of dry mouth. And I sleep with my mouth closed! However, after a couple days, I began to realized that my skin looked awesome in the morning, even if I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep.

If my eyes look really tired in the morning, I'll rub a little bit of my morning green tea in under my eyes. Usually, I just squeeze the excess water out of the bag and onto my fingertips and then rub it in under my eyes. The warmth helps me relax and the caffeine does wonders for my eyes. 

If my eyes are still a hot mess, I'll actually use a tiny amount of coconut oil. I don't know why it helps, but it does. I just get a tiny bit on my finger, rub it in (gently) in circles, and then add my makeup on top. I discovered this by accident when I rubbed my eye after applying my lip scrub. 

And last but not least, eye drops. My eyes tend to get really dry because I wear contacts 99.9% of the time. Usually, after a long night of no sleep, my eyes are tired and sore and dry and itchy. It's miserable. I invested in some of the best eye drops around.

Awww, who am I kidding? It's just saline drops from the drug store. Nothing special. Right now, I think I'm working on a bottle of the CVS brand. But first thing on waking up, I'll add some eye drops. And then again before I put on my makeup. And once more before I leave the house. If it feels like you're applying too much, apply some more. Your eyes could always do with the moisture. 

And I have to say, all of these things seem to work. Even when I'm physically exhausted, no one seems to notice unless I mention it. Of course, working at coffee shop has to help, too.

Thanks for reading! And thanks for sticking with me through the A to Z challenge. I know it's been weird and behind schedule, but I promise, this has definitely gotten me in the habit of posting more regularly. And soon, I'll have lots of fun goodies to review!

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