Thursday, April 25, 2013

Juice Beauty CC Cream Review

This was a sample that I received from my friend Patricia. She already has a BB cream that she’s in love with, while I’m having…not so much luck. I was eager to try this, though, since Birchbox sells it. With my accumulating Birchbox points, I could easily afford this.

Right out of the bottle, I knew this CC cream and I were going to be fast friends. It smells. Like. Heaven. Fruity and floral, but still natural, Juice beauty got “fresh” right on nose.

This CC cream does have a slightly thicker consistency than what I’m used to, but that didn’t hinder its application at all. In fact, this stuff applied like a dream. It wasn’t streaky or thick, and soaked right in. It didn’t look like I was wearing makeup at all! In fact, I looked like I was just naturally awesome.

It didn’t cover up freckles or blemishes, but it did even out my skin tone something fierce. Even the redness in my t-zone was pretty much gone.

This also lasted all day. It helped the rest of my makeup stay on even longer, and it didn’t feel heavy at all. In fact, it felt light and comfortable. A few times, I had to remember that I had put on makeup in the morning.

Let me tell you, this stuff is absolutely a winner. I can see myself buying this once my current foundation (Covergirl Natureluxe) runs out. Which could be a while, but I might accidentally spill the Covergirl so I can get this sooner.

Way to go, Juice. You guys did very, very well.

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