Monday, April 22, 2013

A to Z: R is for Revlon Customeyes

This is a review of a Revlon eye shadow palette.

When I was first getting into makeup, nail polish was my starting point.

But eye shadow was a major stepping stone.

Why? Because in the end, it made a huge difference. It took me from "oh, pretty" to "oh, damn." Now I was (and still am) scared of anything other than neutrals, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a nice, complimentary brown that makes my blue eyes pop.

I started with some nice and simple and cheap from the local drug store: A Revlon Custom Eyes palette, of the Naturally Glamorous variety.

One of the main reasons I purchased it is because of that diagram on the back. I have no idea how to give myself a normal eye, let alone a smokey one. I was lost and confused and didn't know where to start. And it was at that point that I spotted one of these upside down in the makeup section. 

I like the colors on this palette: simple, smokey, natural. It looks excellent with my blue eyes. And it was easy to apply. 

Also, the wear on this is pretty good. It fades a little by the end of the day, but with a little primer, it can last through a whole work day without the need to reapply. 

Here is the (amateurish) application by yours truly.

That's with no eye liner, no mascara, and no primer. Just straight up, rapidly applied eye shadow. 

This really is a palette for beginners, which is awesome. Because the mass amount of options for eye shadow is super intimidating. It's nice to have something simple to start with, or something subtle fall back on. 

Thanks for reading!

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