Monday, April 29, 2013

A to Z: X is for eXfoliation

This is a review of Aveeno's Smart Essneitla Daily Detoxifying Scrub.

This was a sample I received in one of Target's beauty bags, and it's what I carry with me on long trips.

Overall, I feel like exfoliation is something that everyone has strong feelings about. Some people do it every day, some never. Either way, pretty much everyone in the beauty industry has an opinion about exfoliating, and every opinion seems to be different. 

My opinion? I exfoliate very slightly with the face scrubbies I reviewed previously. Every time I was my face, I use that. I wouldn't term that exfoliation, though. It's more of a deep scrub. 

I exfoliate pretty seldomly, to be perfectly honest. I feel that if you scrub off too much skin, it's either going to be really dry or really oily. And I know this because my skin likes to go both ways. If I exfoliate too often my skin either flakes off or I break out because of all of the oil. 

I find that exfoliating once a week or even once every two weeks is perfect for me. That, in addition to using the face scrubbie, keeps my skin relatively balanced and happy. 

When I do need to exfoliate, I pull this stuff out of my travel bag. 

The exfoliating bits are small, so I don't feel like I'm sandpapering my face off. The solution that the bits are suspended in is gentle and cleansing. It doesn't make my skin feel tighter than usual. It doesn't cause any adverse reactions for me. And while the ingredients aren't exactly wonderful (sulfates are the third ingredient), I use this so seldom that I don't think it's going to cause any long term effects. 

This is a pretty decent product for the price, and I know that it's getting the job done in the safest way possible. 

Thanks for reading!

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