Friday, April 19, 2013

April Birchbox: Lierac Paris Toning Radiance Serum

Let me start off by saying that I have never used a serum before. Let alone with instructions almost completely in French. So I don’t really have anything to compare this to, but I’ll try my best.

Right out of the box, I love the bottle. It’s glass and tiny and adorable. You can never go wrong with adorable.

The product itself smells clean and fresh, not overbearing. A little hint of floral.

The serum is a mix between a cream and a gel, I feel. Soaks in fast enough, so there is no greasy texture. But once it dries, it feels just a little bit tight. However, I have come to expect that from anything that says toning.

Now, I used this product after removing my makeup and before applying my moisturizer for the night, just as the instructions said. Then, in the morning, I would apply before my moisturizer and makeup. Honestly, I would have used moisturizer over it even if the instructions hadn't said to, since it didn't make my skin feel nourished enough without a little something extra.

After several days of use, I did notice a slight improvement in my skin. It was brighter, clearer, and looked healthier. Now, whether that was from the added sunlight I got during that time or whether it was the serum remains to be seen.

Overall, though, the product was pleasant enough to use. Not moisturizing enough to replace my daily face routine, but it was light and brightening and made my skin feel healthier. In fact, it even seemed to reduce some of the acne that I was getting along my hairline.

While I won’t be buying this exact product, I’d never tried a serum before and now I might keep an eye out for one that strikes my fancy a little more. It was soft and subtle and didn’t make my face oily, like most moisturizers tend to do during the summer. And let me tell you, that’s always a plus. 

Thanks for reading!

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