Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A to Z: H is for Hand Cream

This is a review of Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa hand cremes.

I frequent Bath and Body Works. Let's get that out in the open. I don't usually buy their beauty products because they always feel a little cheap for their price tag, but their wallflowers are amazing. I have five in my apartment.

This stuff, however, is their fancy pants line of lotions and scrubs. And when I first started retail, my hands were so dry that a standard lotion just wasn't cutting it. I would feel moisturized for about five minutes, but then my skin would be back to its dry, cracked awfulness.

Enter window shopping.

 This is the shea butter lotion. Straight out of the tube, super thick. 

When I went to Bath and Body Works and was scouring the shelves, I found the lotion on the right. It seemed to work excellently on my hands and the moisture lasted for much longer than everything else I had tried up to that point.

As I was checking out, I was chatting with the sales person and she said she swears by the hand cream under the same name. So what did I do? I grabbed both. I go through lotion like it's my day job. Especially working retail. So I knew that no matter what, they would both get used.

Well, it turns out that they're both awesome. Much higher quality than what one would expect from a chain store focusing on super highly fragranced stuff.

I use the paraffin lotion on my legs after shaving, and it completely eliminates my dry, itchy skin. It has a light, pleasant fragrance that isn't nearly as strong as most Bath and Body Works stuff. And it goes on thick and creamy, and soaks in pretty quickly.

The stuff on the left, however, that the sales person recommended, is a miracle.

It is a lot heavier than most lotions, since it's mostly shea butter. It thick, creamy, and (as the tube says) super rich. There isn't an added fragrance, so it smells just like normal shea butter.

This stuff is what I used to combat my worst winter dry skin. It can beat just about any dry skin into submission, which is awesome. It doesn't soak in as well, and can sometimes be a little greasy feeling, but that fades after about ten minutes.

It also works wonders on cuticles.

Over all, a really surprising couple of products from Bat hand Body Works that has been around for a while, but doesn't get the love it should. They're impressively moisturizing and are really raising the bar for all of the other chain stores peddling cheap beauty products.

Thanks for reading!

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