Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A to Z: O is for Orly Flash Dry

A rare negative review has been appeared!

This is a review of Orly's Flash Dry nail drops.

This is a product that I bought upon recommendation from a sales woman at a Sally's Beauty Supply. From reading the label and what the woman told me, I was lead to believe that these drops would help my manicure dry faster and would increase the shine of the lacquer. 

Boy, was everything wrong. 

First off, this product has a pretty decent price tag. This cost me about $8 all told. And really? It makes my manicures consistently worse. I have only used the product a couple of times because it, without fail, makes my manicure gummy and squishy. Even fully dried polish is susceptible to its ruination. 

This is an utter failure of a product, in my opinion. It doesn't work as advertised, and it ruins manicures. 

When I contacted Orly about this, I got absolutely zero response. None. Not even a "we got your email" email. Just radio silence. 

Most beauty companies are excellent about offering refunds. Orly, apparently, not so much.

I was so severely disappointed in this product that I'm kind of surprised I still had the bottle to take a picture of for this review. It was buried in the recesses of my makeup drawer. And there it shall return, because there are tons of products out there that actually live up to their name. And don't, you know, ruin half an hour's worth of work. 

Thanks for reading!

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