Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A to Z: T is for Tools

Today's (on time) post is going to be all about the tools that I use.

I think they're pretty important. But more on that later. First, pic spam!

This is, quite literally, the first serious makeup brush I ever bought. It's a kabuki brush that I bought with my first blush. In college. Yeah, I was a bit of a late bloomer. Still, this brush has lasted me for about four years. I keep it clean, treat it like gold, and love it to pieces. Because it is the absolute best (IMO) for putting on my BareMinerals foundation powder. Nice coverage, good natural bristles. I love this thing. And really, having one brush you love and use regularly is so much better than a hundred that you don't. 

This is a small travel set of brushes that I got at Sally's Christmas clearance for less than a dollar. Everything I need, on the go. 

I never use the spongy white one (you shouldn't, they're terrible), but I keep it in case of emergencies. Sometimes I will use it to remove smudged mascara when I don't have a q-tip handy. 

These...these are also precious to me.
I got them on Amazon for about $5, plus shipping, and they are the absolute best eye shadow brushes I have ever come across. All of the brushes I could ever need, each uniquely designed for a specific purpose. This is one of those times where the tool really changed how professional my makeup looked. 

Before these tools, I was just using the sponge applicator that came with the shadow. That really just wasn't giving me the accuracy or coverage that looked good, though. These tools changed all that. Now I can contour, shade, and smudge to my heart's content. 

Here's the brand, in case you wanted to invest in these for yourself.

More cheap brushes from Sally's clearance section. The one on the right is what I primarily use for blushes. The mini kabuki on the left I use for lots of different things, sometimes translucent power, sometimes blush. The middle one I haven't used yet, but it for foundation. 

This is the reason I haven't used that middle brush for foundation. I have found that these super cheap makeup wedges are perfect. The front side is for foundation, the back is for fixing blush if I need to. It gives me pretty good precision and nice coverage. 

If you'll notice, I don't have a whole lot of brushes. Because, honestly, I don't need them. Everything here I use pretty regularly, with a few exceptions. I wouldn't know what to do with one of those fan shaped brushes. I don't have a clue about the vibrating makeup puffs that are all the rage in Korea. 

So really, this is all that I need. And I'm not ashamed to say that, either. 

Now maybe, down the road, if I get better at applying my makeup...sure. Then I'll invest in fancy brushes whose uses I can't even imagine right now. 

But as a beginner, this is all that I need. 

Thanks for reading!

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