Friday, April 12, 2013

A to Z: K is for Keep it Secret

Keep it secret...keep it safe.

Today's post is going to be a lot of my beauty secrets. Both good and bad. Bullets...AWAY!

  • I don't shower every day. Nope. Not even close. Every other day, usually, unless I workout or spend a lot of time sweating in the sun/garden.
  • I don't use conditioner. My hair gets oily and I've never found one that really made a distinct difference.
  • I have only used my blow dryer twice. And I didn't own one until several months ago. 
  • I frequently forget to wash my makeup off before going to bed. 
  • One of the reasons I have quit a job is because the intensity of the work made me break all of my nails. In a week. No, thank you.
  • I have a stockpile of egg yolks in the freezer for future beauty uses. I made meringues for a party and had about a dozen yolks left over. I use them, lumpy or not, in my hair and on my face. 
  • I get more excited about my Birchbox every month than I do about Christmas. Or my birthday. 
  • I own approximately 20 bottles of lotion scattered around the house. All full size. 
  • Even though I run a beauty blog, my favorite type of beauty is low maintenance. I love things that are multitaskers and keep my morning routine shorter. 
  • I frequently go to work with absolutely no makeup on, namely because I'm lazy. 
  • I have had to throw away two or three bottles of nail polish because cat hair got inside it and could not be extricated. The dragging was just too much. Too much, I tell you!
  • If I could afford it, I would go to cosmetology school just so I could do my own hair, makeup, and nails better. 
  • I currently have five different coupons for five different beauty products in my wallet. Right next to the Home Depot coupons.
  • When I don't wear makeup, people say I look sick. No, seriously. 
  • I don't own a single lipstick. Only chapstick, gloss, and stains. I just can't commit. 
  • I sometimes get ashamed when I talk about makeup in public. Like people are judging me or think that I can't possibly like makeup. I talk about it anyways. :)
And my biggest beauty secret? Food. I have discovered (for health reasons not pertaining to beauty) that what I eat directly effects how I look. Start a journal. Pay attention. It changed my life. 

I only get like...a zit a week now. lol Except when I splurge on my healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for reading through yet another text post. Tomorrow, a review. I promise. 

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