Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Primavera Calming Eye Contour Cream

**This product was provided to me by a representative of the company. I am reviewing without being asked. My review is not influenced in any way.**

What exactly is a contour cream? That I still don’t know. The instructions say to pat it in on the bones around your eyes, so I did just that.

Much like with the moisturizer I reviewed earlier, this is a little on the heavy side. Very moisturizing but also pretty thick. It did reduce some of the redness around my eyes, though, which is awesome. I looked more refreshed and not like I had just spent the night sitting in front of my computer to type up blog posts. In fact, it looked like I had just woken up.

Overall, it’s a good quality eye cream. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “contour cream,” but it has good qualities and doesn’t make my eyes burn or tingle.

Thanks for reading!

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