Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Orly Polishield

**This product was provided to me by Orly for my dissatisfaction with Flash Dry Drops. My review is unaffected by this.**

As you guys may remember, I wasn't a big fan of Orly. Their polishes are dupeable and the Flash Dry Drops left me pretty frustrated.

After informing Orly of the issues I encountered with their products, they were kind enough to provide me a free bottle of Polishield, their fast drying top coat, and another bottle of Flash Dry.

My review is for the top coat.

I have a top coat that I like a lot, since it's cheap and pretty fast drying. I also have issues with Seche Vite. So I didn't know how I was going to feel about this top coat, provided to me by a company I'm not a big fan of already. But actually, I was impressed.

It doesn't dry as fast as Seche Vite, but it certainly speeds up dry time significantly. Faster than my giant bottle of cheap top coat from Walmart. 

It also seems to do pretty well to prevent chipping, which I was surprised by. Most of the time, I just accept the fact that my manicure is only going to last a couple of days. I work with my hands a lot, so it's part of the job. Even "chip-free" top coats just leave me disappointed.

This however, helped my polish last about 4 or 5 days. And since it was a polish that already chips easily, I was really happy with that. 

This also dried to a high-gloss shine. Also nice, although my polish at the time was shiny enough without it. 

Overall, this is a decent product. I'm glad they sent it to me, because I probably wouldn't have bought it on my own after my previous experience with the company. But my faith is slightly renewed in the company, so there's that. 

Here's hoping this product continues to be as useful as it is now. 

Thanks for reading!

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