Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: e.l.f. Lipgloss Stick in Summer Nights

**This product was provided to me by a friend on reddit. My review is unaffected.**

I was so confused when I saw this product. Lip gloss? In a stick?

I still usually think of lip gloss as being sticky and gummy and basically candy in liquid form. After all, I was raised in the 90s.

But this product, by a brand I’m falling in love with, keeps all of the great things about lip gloss and turns it into something a modern woman can wear. And carry around. Without worrying about it breaking open and getting all over important paperwork. And yes, that has happened to me.

This stick is super hydrating, first and foremost. It felt really smooth on and didn’t dry out my lips like some lip colors have a tendency to do.

The color is a delightful peachy, pinky color with a good helping of golden shimmer. It’s very flattering and would look awesome at the beach or anytime during the summer, really.

My only complaint is that, as a lip  gloss, it doesn’t last too long. I applied it before going out with my husband for dinner, and it barely made it to pre-dinner drinks before it had faded. There was still a hint of color and a touch of shimmer, but that’s it. Maybe an hour, tops. I know, I lick my lips a lot, but still.
I’m the kind of girl that likes low maintenance products, especially when it comes to lip color.

Will I still wear this product? Absolutely. I would love to put it over a matte pink shade to add a little spice, and it’s hydrating while still being pretty. Overall, it’s a winner. Especially if you’re not expecting to it to last long.

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