Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Burt's Bee Sensitive Cleansing Towelettes

Let's put this simply: I'm lazy.

Well, I prefer to say low maintenance. But the truth is, I don't want to have to wash my face morning and night. It's a pain to pull my hair back, lean over the sink, get water everywhere, never rinse it off completely. So for a long time, I didn't wash my face but once a day, if I showered. Makeup on at night? Didn't matter. I would rather go to sleep with makeup on my face than have to take the time to wash my face before I went to bed.

And then I discovered the magic of face wipes.

Glorious, wonderful invention of wo/man.

I've been bouncing around between brands for a while now. The problem is that a lot of the wipes leave my skin feeling dry and tight, which is awful. Even with moisturizer, I feel like there's a residue. And let's be honest, I started using wipes because I'm lazy, so I'm not inclined to rinse my face after using a face wipe. It feels pointless to me. Like, why use a wipe when you still have to rinse the residue off of your face?

Luckily, I have finally found a wipe that's nice, clean, and feels good on my skin.

These little guys are really affordable (about the same as a standard pack of any other brand at CVS), and they feel really nice.

The wipes are thick, first and foremost. Not thin and flimsy like many brands (Equate, for one). There's more than enough surface area for me to remove all of my makeup easily with a single wipe. 

The ingredients are all pretty respectable, which is important when a product is soaking into the skin on your face. The smell is pleasant, not too noticeable. And best of all, it doesn't make my skin feel strange. Unlike Biore's Daily Cleansing wipes, there is no tingling sensation. No weird needle-like pain. My skin doesn't feel taut or dried out. 

Now, I would still apply moisturizer after using these, because like any soap product, it does pull away a bit of your skin's natural moisture. But this is, thus far, the least offensive wipes I've discovered.

Plus, I already use Burt's Bees lotions, balms, cremes, and chapsticks. Why not add one more of their products to my regimen?

Thanks for reading!

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