Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Birchbox - Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

This is, honest to goodness, my first time trying hair oils. So take this review with that in mind, since I have absolutely zero basis for comparison. But as I have said, Birchbox is a great means to try new things. To step out of one's comfort zone and perhaps find something wonderful.

And that's exactly what happened!

This little miracle in a bottle is awesome!

First and foremost, a little goes a long (loooooooong) way. I only need a couple of drops for each of the three sections of my hair. And I have a lot of hair.

Second, the smell is fabulous. Clean, subtle, kind of beachy. But really, it smells like vacation. Like relaxation and calm happiness. I know, I know. Talk about abstract. But it really does make me feel happier with my existence.

Now, on the Birchbox website, it mentions that it shortens the dry time of your hair by pushing out excess water. I can't speak much to that, because I literally threw this in my hair, combed it through, and then put my hair into a bun.

What I can say is that when I took my bun down after a long day of work, my hair was gorgeous! Soft, silky, shiny, luxurious. It felt healed and supple for the first time in a long time this winter. I even made sure to leave a few days between this Macadamia product and the masque I reviewed a couple of days ago, just to be sure that I would get an honest opinion of each item on its own.

This stuff has blown me away. Really, it has.

I'm super excited to have found something new that can help with severely damaged hair. Now I have something I can strongly recommend to everyone I know. Because it honestly works!

Happy day! Thanks for reading!

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