Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Lancome Color Design Shadow Palette

**This product was provided to me by someone on reddit. My review is unaffected.**

This eye shadow is simple and straight forward, and I love that. No fancy pants designs. Just good, pretty color. Trust Lancome to make a great product with simple, elegant packaging. 

The bright metallic pink, Makeover, is fun and funky. The metallic Pink Zinc is flattering and mature. The Pink Pearls is an excellent highlight matte. And It List, the black, is great for matte smoky perfection.

These colors go on super pigmented. Even without primer, I was able to wear Pink Zinc all day without having to reapply. The others are pretty similar to that, although they become even more sturdy when applied over primer (like with any eyeshadow).

These colors go well together, but they also look nice on their own or mixed in with other palettes. Very versatile as far as colors go.

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