Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: NYX Lip Color in Eros

**This product was provided to me by a friend on reddit. My review is unaffected.**

I never thought I would be able to pull off a sexy red lip. I thought that I looked too sweet, my skin color wasn’t right, it would look weird.

Boy was I wrong!

This lipstick by NYX is a super sexy Ferrari red that dries to a satiny finish. The texture is smooth and soft, but not overly hydrating. You can definitely feel it on your lips, and while it’s not troubling, it’s just…odd.

However, despite the rich color, this sits nicely on top of even my chapped lips. There is no sinking or settling here.

My cat, though, isn’t a big fan. This color, since it so heavily pigmented, leaves red everywhere. And while I think it’s hilarious, my cat doesn’t like licking a kiss mark from his white fur.

This is a really brave, daring red, and I’m glad I got it! I wouldn’t have been confident enough to try it before. But now I know that if I can look good with a bold red lip, so can anyone! And talk about a confidence booster!

Thanks for reading!

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