Monday, June 17, 2013

June Birchbox 2013: 100% Pure Body Creams

You guys, of all people, know how much lotion I have. And how hard it is for me to get excited about a new lotion. When the market is oversaturated, y’know. Like my current burn out with sunscreen.

These lotions are, honestly, just decent.

The creams feel luxurious when they’re applied. Thick and nourishing, they definitely do the job for ultra dry skin like my elbows and knees. They softened up the skin there are good deal and helped to combat some of the constant cracking I have on my elbows. So as body creams, they did excellently.

The fragrances, as well, were superb. The coconut smelled like a fresh cracked coconut on the beach. Meaty and fruity and sweet and warm. It made me long for the Bahamas more than anything else. Similarly, the vanilla bean smelled like vanilla sugar. Really, like raw sugar that has been sitting in a jar with a freshly stripped vanilla bean pod. It was scrumptious.

The only let down was after the application. These are moisturizing, sure. But I had a problem with the creams not soaking in very well. I was left with greasy hands and elbows for a while after I put this stuff on, even after rubbing it in. I was even extra careful and didn’t use too much. I only used a third of the sample pack and had this problem.

I understand that it’s a little heavier (since it’s a cream), but I don’t want to leave grease spots everywhere while waiting for my lotion to dry.

I can see myself using this at night, however. Putting it on my tired feet and donning a pair of socks while catching up on Game of Thrones. But as an everyday lotion? I think it’s a bit much. Which is a shame, because the smells made me so very, very happy.

Thanks for reading!

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