Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Polish Review: China Glaze Pull Me Close

Now, this isn't my first time working with China Glaze's Magnetix line. I have two of the polishes, and really like them. Even without the magnet art, they are nice metallic colors.

However, on a recent trip to Sally's Beauty Supply, I happened to see the new Magnetix II magnet. So I picked it up (on sale, might I add) and decided that today would be a fine day to give myself a manicure.

Here's my review of the new magnets and an official review of Pull Me Close.

Pull Me Close is a nice magnetic blue-toned grey polish. The color is slightly streaky, but manageable. The formula is what you would expect from China Glaze: pretty awesome. You can get near opacity in one coat, but I would recommend two for using the magnet. It makes sure there is a nice base so there are no bald patches. 

As for the magnet...I'm impressed. As some of you who are into the nail polish world will remember, China Glaze got slammed for its first magnet. The little U-shape has three magnets, which is awesome, but they were really, really weak. You would have to hold your nail steady under the magnet for upwards of 30 seconds, and sometimes even longer. And even then, the design wasn't really as eye-catching as we were all hoping. 

They seem to have solved that problem with the Magnetix II magnets. These aligned the metal in the polish in about 3 seconds, and the designs, as you can see, are very distinct. The designs are also something that I haven't seen a lot of in other brands. The circles look fabulous in person. Just as stunning as in the pictures, and maybe even more so. I can't stop staring at my nails. 

I know, without a doubt, that I am going to get tons of comments at work. With the ripples looking 3D, the effect is undeniably gorgeous. 

China Glaze really renewed my faith in them, and I know I'm going to be picking up more magnetic colors to use with this new set of magnets.

Fun fact: If you go to Sally's they might still have more of these magnets. I got this bar (which usually runs at around $3.99) for $.79. Seriously. 

Thanks for reading!

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