Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birchbox February 2013 - Dr. Jart BB Cream

I have been looking for a BB cream everywhere. I'm super into Korean culture, so several years ago, I started looking. But at that time, they were nowhere to be found. Now, it seems like the market is over saturated with this miracle product. Every company has their own version, with its own benefits and formulas and spokespeople.

It's intimidating to say the least.

So when I got this Birchbox sample, I was super excited. Not only was it a well renowned BB cream, it's a Dr. Jart BB cream. And for those who don't know, Dr. Jart was one of the first big brands. It went from nothing to household name really fast in Korea.

I was really excited to try it. Unfortunately, I was a little let down. Not by the product, though.

The sample size was small, but adequate.

And here you see my problem. I am very, very pale. Especially now, in the middle of winter. This color was a good deal too dark for my skin color. However, I traipsed forward to eek out a decent review.

Here, you can see that even rubbed in, the color difference is very distinct. 

Despite the color striation on my hand, I left that there all day. It had good staying power, I'll give it that much. But as you might have noticed, I prefer sheerer makeup. I don't really have problem skin (and this product is aimed towards that market). So Dr. Jart's BB Cream was a little too full coverage for me. 

It was creamy, and thick, which some people might like. But it's not really up my alley. 

However, it did leave my skin moisturized and soft. And eventually I stopped noticing how heavy it felt. I can see how this would be a great product for someone who wants full coverage makeup without looking greasy or cakey. After all, the cream gave my skin a nice matte finish. And it blended in nicely.

I just wish I could have tried it with a color that matched me. 

Thanks for reading!

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