Thursday, January 31, 2013

Polish Review: Orly Velvet Rope

This is a case where buying a small sample is the best thing in the world. I'll explain after the review. For now, here are some pictures of this polish.

Orly's Velvet Rope is deep, medium purple with a metallic silver shimmer. On the nail, it is much less shimmery than it is in the bottle.

Overall, I really like this color. It's not a purple that's going to detract from your professionalism. It's not vampy, or obnoxious, or anything else. The color is fabulous.

But the formula...well, that's not really something I'm super excited about. The formula was really runny. I normally don't have an issue with polish getting in the edges of my nails. Well, I don't anymore. I spent over two years getting to that point, but with most higher end polishes, my amateurish application isn't an issue. Here, it was. I had to use three thin coats for this swatch. I made the mistake of using a lot on the first nail and it ended up pooling everywhere.

Then, there are the bubbles. You can see them if you look closely at my middle finger. I have only ever had a couple of polishes bubble like that, since I take my time with painting my nails. No rush usually means no bubbles.

And last but not least, I bought this because of the purple with silver shimmer. It looked awesome in the tiny bottle at Sally's Beauty Supply. But in the end, that just didn't translate on the nail well. I was hoping for lots of shimmer, but it ended up just being bits of microglitter spattered randomly on the nail.

This polish could be a lot worse. But it could be a lot better as well.

Luckily, I only paid $.79 for the pint sized bottle. I probably won't be buying the full size, especially because this polish isn't super unique. I'm sure I could find dupes with a better formula.

Thanks for reading!

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