Friday, September 27, 2013

BirchBox September: Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner

I already have a shampoo that I am in love with, but I'm always happy to try something new! It helps that I adore Beauty Protector's UV Spray.

This shampoo and conditioner combo smelled just like that spray. Beachy, soft coconut. It smells like breezes on islands and summer memories. It's a gentle smell, not one that lingers all day, but enough to give me a little pep in the morning.

As far as product goes, these were all right. Nothing really amazing about them.

I feel like if you were to pair these up with a whole line of similar products, it might make a difference. But as stand alone products, they were just kind of meh. I didn't notice  a disitinct difference in my hair's texture or shine. Just clean and a little softer than when I don't use conditioner. Which makes sense.

Although I have to say, for the price tag of $22 a pop, I'd look for something a little more sensational.

Nice try, Beauty Protector, but not for me.

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