Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ipsy December 2013

This is my first Ipsy! I decided to give a shot, despite hearing mixed reviews. I figure for ten bucks, it can't be that bad. Here's my review of my December 2013 Ipsy glam bag.
All of my bag's contents. Overall, the bag was cute. I don't see myself using it all of the time, but it'll be nice for a night out when I just need the basics. 

I have a confusing relationship with Pop Beauty. Sometimes, their products are nice. But thus far, I haven't encountered an eyeshadow of theirs that doesn't leave fallout everywhere and fade within a couple of hours. 


As you can see, the pigmentation is unimpressive. This was two swipes, no primer. After primer, there was a bit more of a show, but it still wasn't fantastic. The fallout wasn't bad, but the wear time was minimal. Honestly, I feel like this is drugstore cheap. Not even good drugstore, either. Just something I'd pick up for a preteen who is just testing the waters of makeup. 

While I like the idea of "One Stick to Rule Them All," this product is only really good as a blush. Everywhere else it's just greasy and oily. On my cheeks, though, it blends out into a beautiful coral pink with a hint of golden shimmer. Sunset is definitely a winner in the blush category, and I'll just choose to ignore the part where it mentions using it as a lipstick. Ugh.

This lip pencil is described as a Caramel Mocha, and I think that description is pretty good. Coming from a barista at Starbucks, this color is pretty similar to that soft, caramel brown you get from the Caramel Brulee seasonal sauce. It's not dark enough to make me look washed out, and it has just enough pink to balance it out. It's a nice color that I think is actually quite flattering. Not for every occasion, but it's still a good color that I'll wear pretty often. It's also hydrating, although the wear time is about what you'd get from a balm. So there's that. 

This is a brush. It's fluffy and does its job. Nothing special here.

I also received a nail polish that I haven't fully swatched yet because I'm currently wearing polish strips for the holidays. The lazy person's nail art! 

However, I have noted that it is a bright, cherry red that goes on smooth in two coats. It chips easy though, so make sure you have a good base and top coat. I just wish they had labelled the color in case, y'know, I actually wanted to buy a product they sent me. 

Overall, it's not bad for a first bag. The products were very generously sized and all of my complaints were relatively minor. The Pop shadow won't be used often, but I might toss it on when I'm going for a very subtle, neutral look. 

If you're interested in joining Ipsy, here's a referral link! Thanks for reading!

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