Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation

***This product was provided to me for review by Covergirl, through BzzAgent.***

When I got into this BzzAgent campaign, I was thrilled. A full size product that I can actually review on my blog?! Whoohoo!

Before I got my kit, I took a chance to read some review of this foundation. And to be perfectly honest, they were really mixed. Some stated that the wear time was short, some said it was fine. Some said it made their skin oily, some said it made it dry. I was a little confused and a more eager to try the product for myself.

Once I got my greedy little hands on it, I understood the mixed reviews. This product is awesome...for certain people.

 Luckily, this product and I mesh really well. I mean, whoa. Really well. It's like we're best friends that met once when we were kids and then were dragged away from each other kicking and screaming, only to meet again in college.

Yeah, it's that good.

First and foremost, it's a little dark for me. That's fine, though, because I can always buy a lighter shade, use this for summer, or mix this with one of my lighter foundations to get the color just right.

The texture is odd. Like a mousse. I kind of want to eat it with a touch of ice cream on the side.

It blends well and easily into my skin, and even though it's dark, it looks relatively flawless with very little effort. I also found that a makeup sponge made it more difficult, so I resorted to using my fingers. The result: much better.

The foundation also made my skin feel fantastic. Even as cold weather is setting in and I am getting dry patches like nobody's business, this made my skin soft and silky like it wasn't hitting the 40s.

Wear time wasn't great, but it wasn't long lasting by any stretch of the imagination. It got me through a normal work day, and by the time I got home there was a touch of color and coverage left. It was relatively sheer to begin with, though.

Overall, this is product I'll probably be buying again. It's not as good as the BB creams I fell in love with several posts ago, but it's still a nice foundation for people who have normal to dry skin. If you're oily, honestly, this will just make it worse.

Thanks for reading! And if you're interested in becoming a BzzAgent to get in on marketing campaigns, check out their site!

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